When it comes to purchasing an interchangeable lens camera, the number of lenses offered is a major deciding factor. The Sony A6600 and Sony A6400 are both equipped with the same Sony E lens mount, and there are presently 172 native lenses available for use with both cameras. Both the Sony A6600 and the Sony A6400 contain APS-C sized 24.0 MP resolution sensors, hence sensor size and resolution are not distinguishing characteristics between these two cameras.

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In comparison to the competition, the A6600 stands out because to its wide ergonomic handle, substantial battery and 5-axis stability. It is, without a doubt, the most appealing of the three options, but it comes at a high price.. The three cameras can all be recharged using a USB cable, however it should be noted that none of them comes with a battery charger.

The Sony A6400, on the other hand, does not have this function, which means you will need to purchase a lens that has optical stabilization. Currently, there are 35 lenses available for the Sony E mount that have Optical Image Stabilization. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the technical specifications of the two cameras, which should help you quickly assess their differences and similarities. Not only do the two cameras under consideration have the same sensor size, but they also have the same resolution of 24 megapixels.

The bigger the sensor, the more light is captured by the sensor, resulting in greater picture quality overall. All three cameras have a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000s with both the mechanical and electronic shutters, and they can all shoot at this speed. There is one significant distinction, however: the a6600 is the only camera on the market that can use Eye AF while taking movies, a feature that was just recently included in the new Sony a7R IV. As a result, IBIS is only truly effective if you are shooting with lenses that do not have optical stabilization (OSS) built in.

The Sony A6400 succeeded the Sony A6300, which had been replaced by the Sony A6500, and the Sony A6600 replaced the Sony A6500. More detailed information on the two cameras (including user guides and manuals), as well as associated accessories, may be found on the Sony official website. It’s worth noting that the A6600 has a headphone connector, which allows you to connect external headphones and examine the sound quality while you’re recording a session. Because the Sony A6400 and the Sony A6600 have precisely the same width and height, they have exactly the same body size as one another in this specific instance.

However, some cameras simply have an electronic shutter, and others have both an electronic and a mechanical shutter in addition to one another. In reality, both of the cameras under discussion are equipped with an electronic shutter, which allows them to shoot absolutely silently when necessary. While this mode is good for capturing still items, it is less ideal for photographing moving objects or shooting under artificial lighting.

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Both cameras are compatible with UHS-I cards, which allow for ultra-fast data transmission rates of up to 104 MB/s when using the cards. Due to the fact that it includes two memory card slots, you can save more photographs without having to swap memory cards. On extended shots when you want additional room, this is really handy.

The side-by-side comparison of the Sony A6400 with the Sony A6600 provides an idea of the physical dimensions and weight of the two cameras. Three sequential views are displayed, one from the front, one from the top, and one from the rear side. All dimensions (width, height, and depth) are rounded to the closest millimeter in this table.

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The a6400, which I personally possess, has a better resolution EVF, image profiles, and a dust and moisture resistant housing. It is also more affordable. From a distance, it will be tough to identify the difference between these two cameras since their body designs are almost similar to one another. The a6100 has a buffer capacity of 77 extra fine JPGs or 33 RAW files, while the a6400 and a6600 have a buffer capacity of 99 extra fine JPGs or 46 RAW files, and respectively. All three cameras have the ability to be charged through USB, although none of them come with an additional battery charger.

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Aside from the body and the sensor, cameras may and do vary in a variety of other ways as well. Unlike the A6400, the A6600 has an electronic viewfinder, which is useful for framing shots in strong sunshine. Furthermore, both viewfinders have the same resolution of 2359k dots as one another. The following table lists some of the other fundamental features of the Sony A6400 and Sony A6600 in association with relevant information for a sample of similar cameras. The Sony A6400 and Sony A6600 are two excellent general-purpose cameras.

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Before we get into our more in-depth comparison of the Sony A6600 vs Sony A6400, let’s take a quick glance at the primary characteristics of both cameras. Because both models are listed among the top in their respective categories of Advanced Mirrorless cameras, we can anticipate a tight matchup. Sony A6600 is rated #6 out of 53 cameras in this class with an overall score of 78, while Sony A6400 is ranked #9 with an overall score of 75. Sony A6400 is ranked #6 out of 53 cameras in this class. The comparative advantages of the two models are shown in the following table. When it comes to storing image data, both the A6400 and the A6600 write their files to SDXC or Memory Stick PRO Duo cards, according to Canon.

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Sony has launched the Sony Alpha A6600, which is the company’s latest flagship mirrorless camera in the APS-C format. Both cameras include tilting displays, which allow you to adjust the angle of the screen to make it simpler to film from waist or above-the-head positions. In terms of their age, both the A6400 and the A6600 are relatively new models that are part of the company’s current product lineup.

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